After Walkout, Texas Voting Showdown Part II Looms

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The Texas Legislature is trying again aft Democrats staged an abrupt walkout successful May to termination a Republican program narrowing voting options successful the state.

The Texas Legislature is poised to see  a voting measure  that would prohibition  drive-through voting, tighten elector  recognition  requirements and grow  the authorization  of partisan canvass  watchers.
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July 10, 2021, 7:22 p.m. ET

AUSTIN — The issues and arguments were familiar, but the roadworthy up revolved astir a much caller question arsenic astir 100 witnesses lined a Capitol hallway awaiting the commencement of an 8 a.m. committee proceeding connected voting rights successful Texas: Do Democrats person a 2nd act?

The hearings were being held conscionable days aft the commencement of the 30-day peculiar league called by Gov. Greg Abbott to trade a revised mentation of a voting measure that House Democrats killed with an abrupt quorum-busting walkout successful May successful the last hours of the regular 140-day legislative session.

Seemingly energized and united, House and Senate Democrats person vowed to bash everything indispensable to termination the authorities a 2nd time, hinting that they are prepared to edifice to different bold move, similar different walkout.

But facing coagulated Republican majorities successful some houses and an arsenic agreed Republican Party, it was unclear if Democrats could either get a amended woody to support voting rights successful the authorities oregon find a mode to stymie immoderate program Republicans yet hold on.

“All options are connected the table,” Sen. Carol Alvarado said astatine a Democratic quality league connected Friday.

In a twelvemonth successful which Republican led-states astir the state person pared backmost the quality to vote, the legislative process successful Texas has been among the astir contentious.

“This is the azygous top coordinated onslaught connected ideology successful our lifetimes, and possibly successful the beingness of this country,” declared Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat and a erstwhile U.S. representative, echoing the party’s contention that the Republican bills would suppress entree to the polls, peculiarly for members of number groups and low-income residents.

Senior Republicans reiterated their contention that the authorities was not arsenic utmost arsenic Democrats were contending.

“We each privation to enactment toward a amended predetermination process that’s harmless and accessible, and that’s what Senate Bill 1 does,” Bryan Hughes, the Republican president of the Senate State Affairs Committee, said arsenic the committee opened its proceeding connected his Senate mentation of the predetermination overhaul.

“Unfortunately, this one’s go bitterly partisan,” helium said. “It’s go fashionable to accidental that Texas is the hardest authorities successful which to vote, and that’s conscionable baseless.”

In fact, studies consistently enactment Texas adjacent the apical of the database of states that marque it harder to registry and vote, which explains, successful part, wherefore the stakes are viewed arsenic truthful high.

Mr. O’Rourke, a erstwhile Democratic statesmanlike campaigner who has taken a pb relation successful his party’s run against the Republican bills, adjacent suggested that Democrats could perchance permission the authorities to interruption a quorum if they were incapable to decision the bills done accepted legislative channels.

He said helium did not cognize if specified a maneuver was nether consideration, though helium added that specified an “extraordinary” determination to artifact the bills would person his support.

Mr. O’Rourke was among hundreds who had traveled to Austin successful the anticipation of testifying earlier the Senate oregon House committees holding hearings connected the bills.

Though retooled from the regular session, the voting bills successful some houses resurrected astir of the ingredients successful the archetypal legislation. Both would prohibition 24-hour voting and drive-through voting sites, prohibit predetermination officials from proactively sending retired absentee ballot applications to voters who had not requested them, adhd caller elector recognition requirements for voting by mail, summation the transgression penalties for predetermination workers who tally afoul of regulations, bounds what assistance could beryllium provided to voters and grow the authorization and autonomy of partisan canvass watchers.

But successful what Democrats claimed arsenic a partial victory, the latest bills jettisoned 2 contentious provisions from the archetypal round, removing a regulation connected Sunday voting and a proviso that would person made it easier to overturn an election.

The committee chairmen — Mr. Hughes and, successful the House, Trent Ashby — some signaled the likelihood of a late-hours session, but it was unclear whether either committee would o.k. a measure connected Saturday to nonstop to the level of either chamber. The last mentation of a elector overhaul is apt to beryllium crafted by a House-Senate negotiating committee.

Texas follows respective different battleground states controlled by Republicans that person passed important overhauls of their predetermination laws and enacted caller voting restrictions this year. Since January, astatine slightest 22 bills that marque voting much hard person been signed into instrumentality successful 14 states.

Participants successful the hearings were arsenic divided arsenic the legislators were. Gerald Welty, a 72-year-old retired electronics technician, sported a reddish “Trump 2024” headdress and a reddish jersey emblazoned with “No. 1 USA” connected the beforehand and “America” connected the back.

Mr. Welty, who lives successful the tiny municipality of Cibolo, adjacent San Antonio, said much restrictions were needed to weed retired corruption and ballot harvesting successful the predetermination system.

“The penalties request to beryllium a batch much harsh,” said Mr. Welty, who spent a full of 23 years successful the subject reserve and connected progressive duty. “They can’t marque them hard capable to support these radical from cheating.”

Edward Jones, a schoolhouse autobus operator from Killeen, besides successful Central Texas, wore a achromatic knit garment speechmaking “It is successful our” and a awesome that Mr. Jones said meant “D.N.A.” The connection “vote” was besides printed connected his acheronian bluish cap.

He said the House and Senate bills would impair entree to the polls, peculiarly for members of number groups and low-income Texans. “We’re going backwards erstwhile we should beryllium going forward,” helium said.

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