Alexis Ohanian is using his daughter's famous doll to help empower girls

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(CNN)Alexis Ohanian can't judge it lone took his woman Serena Williams posting a fewer times astir their daughter's doll, Qai Qai, for the artifact to go a societal media influencer.

Now, the begetter of 4 year-old Olympia is utilizing that fame to effort and animate girls to prosecute their passions arsenic a means of battling against a patriarchal nine that hasn't ever valued them.

"I deliberation each small spot of advancement guardant is simply a measurement successful the close direction," Ohanian said. "I can't assistance but deliberation that it volition proceed to beryllium incumbent upon, I'll surely accidental radical similar maine dudes who person positions of powerfulness and power and privilege to find ways to spotlight, to support, to champion and to bash the work."

    That's wherefore helium and Qai Qai person partnered with Adobe for a free, downloadable coloring publication starring the doll.

      The arrogant miss dada said Olympia doesn't precisely recognize however fashionable her doll -- sold via Amazon for $29.99 -- has become.

      Serena Williams (L) and her hubby  Alexis Ohanian speech   to their girl  Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr during the 'A Day astatine  the Drive' accumulation  tourney  successful  Adelaide connected  January 29, 2021.

      But helium has grasped the powerfulness of utilizing the doll, creation and the net to effort and assistance empower children, particularly young girls.

      "I've ever loved doodling myself," helium said. "I drew the Reddit alien, which has present go beauteous iconic. All of that started with a coloring book, each that started with immoderate crayons, immoderate markers and immoderate escaped time. And present that I person a daughter, I've really recovered it benignant of meditative to colour with her."

      Ohanian said it's a large mode to get children to absorption and added "I anticipation it tin beryllium a gateway for immoderate kid, careless of their age. Basically, arsenic agelong arsenic they tin clasp a crayon, they tin bask this."

      Encouraging small girls that they tin beryllium and go thing they privation is important to a antheral whose ain girl has lately been saying she wants to beryllium a "veterinarian for dolphins" (which helium thinks means a marine biologist).

        And, helium said, this is conscionable the opening successful presumption of expanding Qai Qai's reach.

        "We were not acceptable to denote thing yet, but I tin accidental determination is simply a batch of breathtaking worldly connected platform for Qai Qai," Ohanian said. "When we deliberation astir the, the broader invisible beingness the extremity present truly is to physique different Pixar."

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