All the ways the Child Tax Credit is NOT the same as a stimulus check. No. 1: You may have to repay it

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Starting July 15, currency from the national authorities with nary spending restrictions volition beryllium popping up successful slope accounts arsenic Americans enactment up their finances successful the pandemic.


It’s the commencement of beforehand payments nether the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC).

Eligible families volition get monthly payments of up to $250 for each kid property 6 done 17, betwixt July and December. Families volition get up to $300 per kid for each kid nether property 6. The archetypal payments volition spell retired July 15 and the IRS volition proceed to contented payments successful mediate of each period done the extremity of 2021.

‘I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if immoderate radical get confused, reasoning it’s a 4th circular of stimulus checks.’

— Alvin Carlos, fiscal planner and managing spouse for District Capital Management

The Child Tax Credit has been paying families successful lump sums astatine taxation clip for much than 2 decades. But earlier this year, Congress gave a one-time boost to the amount, broadened eligibility and enabled payments successful beforehand monthly installments.

Federal lawmakers made these changes erstwhile passing the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, a measure that besides authorized $1,400 stimulus checks.

This year, the recognition increases from $2,000 to up to $3,600 for children nether property 6 and up to $3,000 for kids betwixt property 6 and 17. Half the sum volition beryllium precocious and distributed monthly.

Similarities betwixt the Child Tax Credit and stimulus checks

There are immoderate similarities betwixt CTC wealth and stimulus checks. In some cases, determination are nary spending restrictions. Furthermore, households volition person the wealth if they autumn nether a definite income limit. The IRS determines stimulus checks and CTC payouts utilizing tax-return data.

The income limits for afloat outgo are the aforesaid for stimulus-check wealth and expanded CTC payouts. The thresholds are $75,000 a twelvemonth for individuals, $150,000 a twelvemonth for joined couples filing jointly, and $112,500 a twelvemonth for radical similar azygous parents who are filing arsenic Head of Household.

The qualifying insignificant does not person to beryllium the person’s child, but indispensable beryllium claimed arsenic a dependent, and person lived successful your household for much than fractional of the year.

In some cases, the IRS is looking astatine whichever caller taxation instrumentality is disposable successful a two-year window. For the 3rd circular of stimulus checks and the CTC, the taxation postulation bureau is looking astatine 2020 returns, oregon 2019 returns if this year’s instrumentality isn’t yet available.

Neither stimulus checks nor CTC wealth volition impact a person’s eligibility for different national benefits, according to IRS information.

Both currency infusions are not counted arsenic taxable income. If the wealth did number arsenic income, that could perchance make each sorts of taxation headaches, similar raising immoderate radical to higher taxation brackets. (But support speechmaking for much accusation connected 1 imaginable CTC taxation headache to beryllium acceptable for.)

But determination are besides important differences radical request to retrieve present and astatine taxation time, fiscal advisers told MarketWatch.

“I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if immoderate radical get confused, reasoning it’s a 4th circular of stimulus checks,” said Alvin Carlos, fiscal planner and managing spouse for District Capital Management, a fiscal advisor steadfast located successful Washington D.C.

The payments — whether arsenic nonstop deposits, insubstantial checks oregon prepaid debit cards — volition spell to astir 39 cardinal households, which the Treasury Department says are 88% of the country’s families with children.

So here’s a primer connected some the similarities and captious differences betwixt CTC wealth and stimulus check.

To person the Child Tax Credit, determination indispensable beryllium a ‘qualifying minor’ successful the house

The IRS chopped stimulus checks for each eligible children successful a household, but it besides chopped checks to radical without qualifying dependents.

Without a insignificant surviving successful the household, determination volition beryllium nary Child Tax Credit. But the idiosyncratic does not person to beryllium your ain child, arsenic agelong arsenic helium oregon she is simply a dependent.

The IRS said “qualifying child” is the taxpayer’s “son, daughter, stepchild, eligible foster child, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, half-sister, oregon a descendant of immoderate of them,” including grandchildren, nieces oregon nephews.

Only 55% of perchance eligible parents accidental they’ve work oregon heard astatine slightest thing astir the expanded CTC, according to 1 canvass conducted successful June.

The kid has to unrecorded successful the household for much than a fractional of the twelvemonth and beryllium decently claimed arsenic a dependent, the IRS said.

“It’s imaginable determination are immoderate radical who haven’t been pursuing the Child Tax Credit and won’t cognize what the wealth is,” added Lauren Saunders, subordinate manager astatine the National Consumer Law Center.

One origin for concern: Only 55% of perchance eligible parents accidental they’ve work oregon heard astatine slightest thing astir the expanded CTC, according to a canvass of much than 1,700 radical conducted from aboriginal to mid-June by Data for Progress and commissioned by groups including the Economic Security Project.

That percent is excessively low, said Adam Ruben, the Economic Security Project’s campaigns director. Advocates for the expanded taxation recognition request to support moving to dispersed the connection truthful “when that wealth hits people’s slope accounts, oregon they get a cheque successful mail, they cognize what this is for.”

The Child Tax Credit is based connected ‘real-time’ eligibility

The IRS determined stimulus-check amounts based connected 1 snapshot successful time: a household’s taxation return. A batch tin hap successful a year, but if a household had kid aft filing a taxation return, the IRS didn’t person an contiguous mode to larn astir the caller babelike and rapidly contented different payment.

(A alleged “plus-up payment” successful the 3rd circular of stimulus checks enabled the IRS to nonstop other wealth based connected 2020 taxation instrumentality information aft it sent a stimulus cheque utilizing 2019 taxation instrumentality data.)

Unlike the stimulus cheque rollout, adjustments to the beforehand Child Tax Credit payments are going to person a much real-time feel.

Adjustments to the beforehand Child Tax Credit payments are going to person a much real-time feel. The IRS has a “Child Tax Credit Update Portal” where users tin actually opt retired of payments and besides springiness the IRS existent accusation connected the fig of eligible kids successful a house.

In the months to come, the IRS volition grow the categories that tin beryllium updated. Users are capable to enactment successful caller bank-account accusation for the August payments. In August, users should beryllium capable to update their mailing address, the IRS said.

During aboriginal updates astatine immoderate constituent successful the summertime and fall, radical volition beryllium capable to usage the portal to update household presumption and income changes, the IRS said.

You whitethorn person to wage the Child Tax Credit wealth back

Talk of the portal and opting retired brings up different large quality betwixt stimulus checks and beforehand CTC money. Households that are paid excessively overmuch CTC wealth successful beforehand may person to wage it back, something that doesn’t hap with stimulus cheque money.

The IRS is basing CTC outgo amounts connected 2019 and 2020 taxation instrumentality data, but if idiosyncratic successful a household lands a better-paying occupation oregon a bully raise, that could propulsion them retired of income eligibility, Carlos explained.

If the IRS overpays, it volition privation the wealth backmost during the 2022 taxation season. The IRS has said it volition deduct the excess outgo from refunds, but tin enactment retired installment plans for radical who don’t person the funds to wage the equilibrium due. (The IRS said it volition waive repayment obligations successful definite cases.)

This is 1 large crushed wherefore the IRS is giving radical the accidental to opt retired of the beforehand payments.

Carlos said helium plans connected talking with respective clients who mightiness see opting retired of the CTC advances due to the fact that they are adjacent the income-eligibility limits. A bump implicit could effect successful an unforeseen taxation obligation, helium said.

Your Child Tax Credit tin beryllium taxable to indebtedness garnishment

Beware of indebtedness garnishment with CTC money. When the archetypal circular of stimulus checks rolled retired nether the CARES Act, stories popped up on immoderate indebtedness collectors swiping the cash earlier families could usage it.

Rules surrounding the 2nd circular of stimulus checks, for $600 apiece, barred garnishment from creditors with judgments, according to the National Consumer Law Center.

But the enactment said the 3rd circular of stimulus checks did not see protections against garnishment owed to a measure passed successful a Congressional maneuver called “budget reconciliation.”

The CTC beforehand payments besides don’t person garnishment protections. “To the grade permitted by the laws of your authorities and section government, your beforehand Child Tax Credit payments whitethorn beryllium taxable to garnishment by your state, section government, and backstage creditors,” the IRS said.

Saunders noted that a fistful of states, similar California, person specified that the CTC payments cannot beryllium seized for debts. But a national instrumentality against CTC garnishment would beryllium a amended solution, she said. The regularity of the payments volition marque it easier for indebtedness collectors to clip their requests to banks for the money, she said.

“We truly request Congress to measurement successful and support these payments” Saunders added.

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