Android 12 beta 3 now available, bringing the release closer to the Platform Stability milestone

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The 3rd beta merchandise of Android 12 is present available. Find retired what caller and breathtaking features and improvements person been added to the platform.


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Today the 3rd beta merchandise of Android 12 was made disposable for supported devices (read: Pixel phones). I've been utilizing the beta (on a Pixel 4) since the archetypal release, and I tin honestly accidental this is the finest iteration of Android since I started utilizing the level (way backmost with mentation 2.1). This beta is the last merchandise earlier the Platform Stability milestone (when each features and behaviors are finalized), which means it is the perfect clip for developers to commencement investigating their apps connected Android 12.

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Along with the accustomed bug fixes for the release, determination are 3 caller features/improvements coming to the platform. And though these caller features aren't astir arsenic breathtaking arsenic what we've seen truthful far, determination is astatine slightest 1 that users person been asking astir for a while.

If you're funny astir joining the Android 12 beta program, marque definite to work How to get the Android 12 beta.

Let's instrumentality a look astatine the 3 caller features/improvements and spot if there's 1 that mightiness person you itching to leap connected the beta bandwagon.

On-device hunt

The announcement of this feature, named AppSearch, is mostly geared toward developers. However, erstwhile On-device hunt is implemented, it volition payment end-users. What this diagnostic does is alteration apps to easy and securely hunt some in-app information and information stored crossed the device. The instrumentality present is however Google volition guarantee this benignant of hunt is handled with a level of information that volition forestall malicious apps from making usage of the feature. At the moment, determination are nary details connected however Google plans connected implementing this hunt feature, but if apps are capable to (securely) hunt crossed the full device, it could surely marque it imaginable for app developers to grow the features of their offerings. 

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Faster show auto-rotation

Upon archetypal speechmaking of this peculiar improvement, I was nether the presumption it was each astir regular surface rotation, which amazed maine due to the fact that Android 12 beta 2 was already accelerated and smooth. But this isn't astir regular app auto-rotation. Instead, this rotation betterment is each astir the front-facing camera. The Android camera app has ever been a spot sluggish successful recognizing erstwhile the instrumentality surface needed to rotate erstwhile utilizing the "selfie" camera. With the merchandise of the 3rd beta, that enactment has not lone been sped up, but the strategy volition besides beryllium capable to much accurately admit erstwhile the show needs to rotate. That means you'll conflict little with trying to get your telephone to rotate successful the due orientation. This has been a constituent of vexation for immoderate time, truthful hopefully, this volition bring a spot of alleviation to anyone who uses that front-facing camera for selfies oregon video chats.

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Scrollable screenshots

This is astir apt the 1 screenshot diagnostic users person been asking for the longest. Up until now, Android screenshots could lone prime up what was disposable connected the screen. That means if there's app contented beyond the display, it wouldn't beryllium included successful the shot. With the 3rd Android beta, that occupation is nary more. When a screenshot is taken successful Android 12, it volition beryllium capable to afloat seizure each app content, truthful screenshots volition yet beryllium scrollable. Even better, this caller diagnostic volition enactment with astir apps without requiring developers to marque immoderate important changes.

The caller diagnostic database is beauteous tiny for the 3rd beta of Android 12. That doesn't mean determination won't beryllium important bug fixes and show enhancements. But fixed however galore caller and breathtaking features person already recovered their mode into Android 12, it should travel arsenic nary astonishment that this introduction is dropped with the slightest magnitude of fanfare. 

Even still, Android 12 is looking to beryllium the top introduction successful the level timeline. If you person a spare Pixel instrumentality lying around, I highly urge you joining successful connected the Android 12 beta fun. You volition beryllium impressed.

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