Apple’s Market Cap Nearing $2.5 Trillion as Analysts Turn Bullish on Earnings

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July 14, 2021 11:41 americium ET

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An Apple store successful Los Angeles.

Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Apple shares person rallied to caller fresh highs, boosting the company’s valuation to astir $2.5 trillion, amid a flurry of bullish notes from Wall Street up of the company’s June-quarter fiscal results, owed 2 weeks from now—along with increasing expectations for the autumn motorboat of caller iPhones.

J.P. Morgan expert Samik Chatterjee connected Wednesday repeated his Overweight standing connected Apple banal (ticker: AAPL), lifting his terms people to $175 from $170 and adding it to the firm’s “analyst absorption list.” Chatterjee says that he’s seeing some upside revisions to iPhone 12 physique estimates and continued spot successful Mac sales—and helium thinks the Street’s expectations for the coming iPhone 13 rhythm stay excessively low.

The expert writes that helium sees “a way to Apple outperforming capitalist expectations implicit a longer clip skyline alternatively than conscionable the upcoming net print.”

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has asked suppliers to physique arsenic galore arsenic 90 cardinal iPhone 13 units, up from erstwhile archetypal orders for caller generations of iPhones of astir 75 cardinal units, which would suggest the institution anticipates beardown request for its 2nd procreation of 5G susceptible phones. 

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Meanwhile, Citigroup expert Jim Suva repeats his Buy standing and $170 terms people connected Apple shares, portion lifting his nett estimates for this quarter, adjacent quarter, and some fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2023. He thinks the Street’s statement forecasts are considerably excessively low. Suva writes that his checks find continued beardown end-market request for Macs, iPhones, and wearables, successful peculiar the Apple Watch and the caller AirTags.

“Our autarkic probe shows that galore iPhone users are purchasing Apple’s recently launched AirTags and purchasing them successful the 4 packs for $99 versus azygous purchases for $29,” Suva writes. “Importantly, galore are besides opting for cardinal rings and loops. The effect is galore are spending much connected the accessories than the existent AirTags without afloat realizing this owed to the tendency for manner and quality implicit function.

“We enactment accessories person adjacent higher margins and Apple’s world-class selling is not lone upselling further accessories but besides resulting successful a web effort of users freely advertizing to different users, thereby creating a virtuous rhythm which is lone starting. All of this is lone imaginable owed to the Apple level of exceptional integrated idiosyncratic acquisition and privacy.”

Suva asserts that portion Apple shares person underperformed the marketplace for the twelvemonth to date, the banal should outperform up of the pending September motorboat of caller iPhones. 

Apple shares rallied 2.5%, to $149.33, successful caller trading, boosting the company’s marketplace headdress to $2.492 trillion. The banal is present up 13% twelvemonth to date.

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