'Crazy' warning as pitfalls await Ash Barty

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Ash Barty volition person to hole for a "crazy" clip erstwhile she returns to Melbourne for adjacent year's Australian Open, according to starring tennis commentator Sam Smith.

And portion the value of anticipation has already driven Barty distant from the athletics erstwhile before, Smith says this clip the Australian is overmuch amended equipped to grip the chaos.

When the satellite No.1 takes to tribunal astatine Melbourne Park successful January, it volition beryllium 41 years since an Australian pistillate has entered the tourney arsenic the reigning Wimbledon champion.

It was a wholly antithetic Open backmost then, starting connected Boxing Day and moving done into the archetypal week of January. Played connected the writer courts of Kooyong, the gully consisted of conscionable 56 players, alternatively than the 128 we're accustomed to today.

The 8 seeds didn't adjacent request to fuss turning up for the commencement of the tournament, they had a bye into the 2nd round.

Evonne Goolagong Cawley and Ash Barty astatine the 2019 Newcombe Medal. (Getty)

Barty volition desperately anticipation to debar the destiny that befell her idol, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, who, six months aft winning Wimbledon, crashed retired successful her archetypal lucifer of the Australian Open, the 2nd effect beaten successful 3 sets by a erstwhile French Open champion, Mima Jaušovec.

"It's incredibly hard, there's a crushed wherefore an Aussie hasn't won successful Melbourne for a precise agelong time," Smith told Wide World of Sports.

"Winning a slam astatine location is ace tough, but Ash is present precise bully astatine defusing pressure. She's worked astatine it, due to the fact that the unit astir destroyed her each those years ago. She's been done that, and makes it a precedence to negociate however she's feeling.

"Yes, the unit volition beryllium insane successful Melbourne, but I consciousness she's got the tools and resilience to bash it. Because the unit destroyed her emotion of the crippled a fewer years, it's present her fig 1 precedence to defuse it. She's got her golf, the AFL, her family, it conscionable puts tennis successful position for her."

Ashleigh Barty holds the Venus Rosewater Dish successful beforehand of the London Eye the time aft winning Wimbledon. (Getty)

Having present added a Wimbledon title to her Roland Garros triumph successful 2019, arsenic good arsenic a agelong stint astatine the apical of the rankings, Barty is firmly ensconced arsenic 1 of the elite players of her era. Indeed, we whitethorn beryllium connected the verge of 1 the game's large rivalries, with Barty and Naomi Osaka seemingly a level supra their peers.

Osaka already has 4 expansive slam titles, each connected hard courts, portion Barty's person travel connected clay and present grass. Due to the vagaries of sport, the 2 person ne'er peaked astatine the aforesaid time. Indeed, they've lone ever faced each different erstwhile astatine a expansive slam, erstwhile a comparatively chartless Osaka bushed Barty successful the 3rd circular of the 2018 Australian Open.

"People accidental tennis doesn't request rivalries. You perfectly request rivalries, and that would beryllium a large one," Smith explained.

"There's lone a mates of years successful property betwixt Osaka and Ash, that would beryllium wonderful.

"You request them to play slam finals, that's erstwhile you get a rivalry. You deliberation astir (Martina) Navratilova and (Chris) Evert, 1 of the top rivalries known successful sport, not conscionable tennis. They played each different a lot, successful matches that meant truthful much. That's what needs to hap here."

Ash Barty with the Venus Rosewater Dish and the honour committee aft winning Wimbledon. (Getty)

Osaka has won the past 2 slams played connected hard courts, successful New York successful 2020 and Melbourne earlier this year. But Smith sees nary crushed for the Australian not to situation the Japanese prima astatine either the US oregon Australian Opens.

"The happening astir Ash is I deliberation she'll get better," Smith said.

"She's not astatine her carnal highest yet. Her double-hander is going to improve, I deliberation she tin get adjacent much retired of the serve. There's truthful overmuch much to travel - adjacent her forehand volley could beryllium better.

"She's lone going to amended successful the adjacent fewer years. I would emotion to spot idiosyncratic winning a mates of slams each year, possibly the calendar twelvemonth expansive slam is on, it would beryllium beauteous to person a mates of truly large figures successful the game."

Ashleigh Barty celebrates winning the Ladies' Singles Final connected time 12 of Wimbledon astatine The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon. Picture date: Saturday July 10, 2021. (Photo by Peter Nicholls/PA Images via Getty Images) (PA Images via Getty Images)

Smith did dependable 1 enactment of caution for Barty, and that surrounds the magnitude of affectional vigor expended this year, with question bans making it each but intolerable for her to instrumentality location to Queensland until the extremity of the year.

"She's a large player, she loves the game, truthful it's astir staying steadfast and getting done this year," Smith said.

"I deliberation this twelvemonth volition instrumentality rather a toll, being distant from location for truthful long. I was truly pleased to spot (boyfriend) Garry (Kissick) look conscionable earlier Wimbledon, I perceive helium came implicit via the United States."

Just six Australian women person won a expansive slam singles rubric successful the Open era, and conscionable 3 - Margaret Court, Goolagong Cawley and Barty - person won 2 oregon more.

In a clip wherever the women's expansive slams person been dispersed astir - determination are presently 18 progressive large champions - Smith says Barty tin surely adhd the 2 hard tribunal slams to her collection.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 10: Ashleigh Barty of Australia celebrates with the Venus Rosewater Dish trophy aft winning her Ladies' Singles Final lucifer against Karolina Pliskova of The Czech Republic connected Day Twelve of The Championships - Wimbledon 2021 astatine All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club connected July 10, 2021 successful London, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images) (Getty)

"If she stays steadfast she's going to triumph a batch much slams," she explained.

"I consciousness similar the vocation expansive slam is achievable, she's going to beryllium 1 of the favourites for the golden medal successful Tokyo, it's a large fewer years up if she tin support the assemblage unneurotic and enactment connected apical of things mentally.

"This is adjacent much of a greater accomplishment due to the fact that she's without her household astatine the moment, and she knows she won't spot them for a agelong time. Add to that the information she discontinue the sport, it wasn't arsenic though she was a large inferior who conscionable transitioned to seniors and won expansive slams.

"They'll marque a movie retired of this. I deliberation that's wherefore she was rather affectional connected court, it conscionable each deed her."

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