Ditched hub promise leaves NRL players fuming

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NRL players are seething aft the Queensland authorities contiguous backflipped connected a committedness to invited their families into the authorities connected Saturday.

Wide World of Sports has attained a missive sent by NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo to the players tonight, notifying them that plans for families to articulation them successful Queensland had not lone stalled but altered.

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Although the Queensland authorities had agreed to judge a radical exertion requesting introduction into the state, it's present demanding that hundreds of idiosyncratic requests are submitted.

Despite the stunning determination of the Queensland authorities the NRL believes families volition beryllium capable to participate the authorities adjacent week.

Families of players from Newcastle and Canberra are inactive expected to get successful Queensland connected Saturday arsenic planned, arsenic they are allowed to transverse the borderline nether the restrictions successful place.

The Queensland authorities had primitively agreed to fto families implicit a two-week quarantine successful a abstracted Gold Coast resort, earlier joining the players successful the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast hubs.

NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo. (Getty)

The dire COVID-19 situations facing Sydney and Melbourne person led to the NRL shifting each 9 Sydney clubs, arsenic good arsenic Newcastle, Canberra, the Central Coast-based Warriors and the Storm, to south-east Queensland.

"Dear players, officials and families," Abdo wrote successful the letter.

"The Queensland authorities has contiguous advised that they volition not supply an exemption for families from Greater Sydney to question to the Gold Coast connected Saturday.

"It means you volition not beryllium travelling arsenic planned connected Saturday, but it does not mean you volition not beryllium capable to scope Queensland. The authorities would present similar much idiosyncratic accusation and much accusation astir our quarantine installation and COVID-safe plans earlier they o.k. our submission.

"We are hopeful you volition marque it to the Gold Coast wrong a week.

"Over the coming days we volition beryllium moving time and nighttime to supply the accusation required connected our quarantine arrangements to guarantee the Queensland assemblage stay harmless and healthy.

"To families who are not based successful a blistery spot, specified arsenic families successful Canberra and Newcastle, we volition bash everything we tin to get you to the Gold Coast connected Saturday, fixed the borderline is not presently closed to you. We volition talk to you straight astir our progress.

"We committedness to proceed communicating with you arsenic often arsenic imaginable and we volition counsel you arsenic soon arsenic we tin astir the further accusation required to guarantee our exemption petition is approved.

"I can't unreal to cognize however disappointed you are, but you person our connection that we volition bash everything we tin to person you successful Queensland by the extremity of adjacent week."

Bulldogs manager Trent Barrett. (Getty)

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