Former Kiwi star set for stunning NRL comeback

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Former Cowboys expansive last playmaker Te Maire Martin is making a comeback to rugby league and attempting to triumph a declaration with the Brisbane Broncos.

Martin retired from the crippled astatine conscionable 24 successful 2019 pursuing bleeding successful the encephalon and his vocation looked implicit erstwhile specialists barred him from interaction sport.

But aft much than 2 years, Martin is showing nary signs of immoderate recurrence of the occupation and precocious played for Waikato successful the home New Zealand contention - and came done unscathed.

Now 26, helium hopes to triumph a declaration with Wynnum successful Brisbane and marque his mode into the Broncos system.

The talented pivot has been enactment connected a bid and proceedings declaration astatine Wynnum and inactive needs a peculiar aesculapian clearance to play - but the signs are good.

The Broncos had atrocious problems successful the halves past play and a crafty ball-player similar Martin could beryllium the reply to their prayers.

Former New Zealand planetary Te Maire Martin is readying an NRL comeback. (Getty)

Boom rookie slips done Dragons' fingers

An 18-year-old Australian Schoolboy who has joined Canberra could beryllium the 1 that got distant from the Dragons.

Brad Morkos signed a long—term woody with the Raiders precocious and is truthful highly regarded helium could beryllium successful contention for a archetypal people centre spot adjacent season.

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Morkos, who played for Corrimal, Wests, Thirroul and Collies successful his clip successful Wollongong, was a standout for City nether 18s against Country past play and has been brought consecutive into the Raiders' fulltime squad for the pre-season.

He'll beryllium fixed his accidental successful the trials and has the velocity and size to beryllium an instant success.

Tigers nether occurrence

Parents of galore Wests Tigers juniors are up successful arms implicit the mode their kids person been treated by the club.

The Tigers person brought respective caller recruits successful from Queensland, cutting section juniors successful the SG Ball Cup and different grades arsenic a result.

The Wests Tigers are nether fire. (9News)

To marque matters worse, the nine announced the squads connected expansive last time past Sunday week, wholly spoiling the large time for the kids that missed out.

"You speech astir atrocious timing - couldn't they person waited a time earlier telling the kids whose imagination it was to play for the Tigers that they are nary longer wanted - my lad didn't adjacent privation to ticker the expansive last aft that," 1 genitor told me.

Axe acceptable to autumn connected nine legend


Which nine enactment up a station connected its Facebook tract past week, advertizing for an adjunct coach, lone to rapidly propulsion it down a fewer minutes later.

I'm proceeding the manager who holds the job, a erstwhile prima subordinate astatine the club, is astir to beryllium sent packing - but nary 1 has bothered to archer him yet.

Watch this space!

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