FROM THE FIELD: Desert artisans in Mali foster dialogue and tolerance

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Traditional arts and crafts are being utilized to physique bid and dialog successful Mali acknowledgment to the enactment of the UN peacekeeping ngo successful the country, MINUSMA.

Some 360 artisans based astir Menaka, successful the acold northeast of the West African nation, immoderate of whom fled arsenic refugees to neighbouring Niger, person been encouraged to instrumentality to the town’s recently restored House of Artisans to signifier a scope of accepted crafts, including leatherwork, silver-smithing, sewing and carpentry. 

UN Police Patrol Menaka Region successful  northeastern Mali.

UN Police Patrol Menaka Region successful northeastern Mali., by MINUSMA/Gema Cortes

MINUSMA, which supported the restoration, is hoping bringing artisans unneurotic from a scope of taste groups volition assistance to reenforce societal cohesion, tolerance and amended information arsenic good arsenic providing much-needed employment.  

The Menaka portion is experiencing expanding insecurity arsenic a effect of attacks by violent groups and equipped bandits. 

Read much here about however the UN is providing a important lifeline for struggling artisans arsenic portion of gathering a sustainable peace. 

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