George Clooney is (still) not running for office

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(CNN)George Clooney is not moving for office.

The histrion says successful a caller interrogation that helium has nixed chances of a governmental career, but does spot anticipation successful a post-Trump America.

"Because I really would similar to person a bully life," Clooney told the BBC of not pursuing an elected office. "I turned 60 this year, and I had a speech with my woman [Amal Clooney], and we were moving a lot, arsenic we some do, and I said, 'We person to deliberation of these arsenic the halcyon years.' If we person our health, which we bash ... and I'm 60 and I tin inactive play hoops and inactive bash the things I love, but successful 20 years I volition beryllium 80, and that's a existent number."

    Clooney added, "[It] doesn't substance however overmuch you enactment out, what you eat. You're 80. And truthful I said, 'We person to marque definite we bask and unrecorded these years successful the champion imaginable way.'"

      "There's a batch of things that person to beryllium repaired," Clooney said of the existent authorities of the country. "There's a batch of healing that has to happen, and it's going to instrumentality time."

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