Granville Adams, 'Oz' actor, has died

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(CNN)Granville Adams, who starred arsenic Zahir Arif connected HBO's "Oz," has died pursuing a lengthy conflict with cancer, according to a connection shared by his family.

He was believed to beryllium 58.

"Granny has ascended to the heavens. Gran spent his past days surrounded by his loved ones, family, and adjacent friends. His woman Christina was by his broadside the full clip and was unsocial with him erstwhile helium passed," the Instagram station from his household read.

    "Granny is present successful bid and not suffering anymore. He fought till the extremity with a strength, quality and grace similar nary other, putting his household earlier himself til the last moments," the station continued. "Granville would not privation america to beryllium sad! Granny would privation america each to grin and retrieve the champion times we had with him, and stock the emotion we learned from him! Granny whitethorn person near the building, but helium volition everlastingly beryllium successful our hearts!"

      Adams appeared successful each six seasons of "Oz." His quality goes done a spiritual translation during the people of the situation drama. Adams acting enactment besides included appearances connected "Empire" and "Homicide: Life connected the Street,"

      Adams archetypal shared helium had been diagnosed with crab successful 2020. He had posted updates astir his wellness since then, including a station from 10 weeks agone from the infirmary pursuing radiation treatment.

      Several formed members person started a GoFundMe to assistance his household with aesculapian expenses.

        "Oz" showrunner and enforcement shaper Tom Fontana paid tribute to Adams successful a station connected Sunday night.

        "Goodnight, saccharine prince/and flights of angels sing thee to they rest," Fontana wrote.

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