Here Are Some Things We don't Know About the Baldwin Shooting

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A distraught Alec Baldwin successful  the parking batch  extracurricular  the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office Thursday aft  answering questions astir  the incident.
Credit...Jim Weber/Santa Fe New Mexican, via Associated Press
  • Oct. 22, 2021, 11:44 a.m. ET

A fatal shooting Thursday connected the acceptable of the movie “Rust” killed the film’s cinematographer and wounded the director. Alec Baldwin, 1 of the starring actors and a shaper of the film, fired a limb utilized arsenic a prop. The section constabulary bureau is inactive investigating the incident.

Here are immoderate of the outstanding questions:

  • What benignant of weapon was used?

  • What projectile was utilized successful the gun?

  • What were the circumstances of the shooting — was it during filming?

  • Who was the prop maestro and what were the information protocols astir utilizing weapons arsenic props?

  • How were 2 radical struck? Was the limb discharged aggregate times?

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