How to create a dual-color circle in PowerPoint

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To make a dual-color circle, you'll request a fewer tricks up your sleeve due to the fact that PowerPoint doesn't person a semi-circle shape. Learn 2 ways to make semi-circles, truthful you tin harvester them.

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You'll find circles successful tons of slides successful Microsoft PowerPoint, but what you mightiness not spot arsenic often are circles filled with 2 antithetic colors. You mightiness think, "Use semi-circles!" but conjecture what? A semi-circle isn't available. You mightiness beryllium amazed to larn this, but PowerPoint shapes bash not see a semi-circle. In this article, I'll amusement you however to make a dual-color ellipse by creating semi-circles. Fortunately, determination are 2 ways to make semi-circles, and you tin take betwixt the two.

I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. This nonfiction isn't due for the web version. For your convenience, you tin download the objection .pptx and .ppt files.

Method 1: Reshape a shape

Perhaps the easiest mode to make a semi-circle is to reshape the Partial Circle signifier successful the Basic Shapes section. Let's bash that now:

  1. Insert a blank slide.
  2. Click the Insert tab, and past click the Shapes dropdown.
  3. In the Basic Shapes section, click the Partial Circle signifier (Figure A).
  4. Hold down the Shift cardinal arsenic you resistance the rodent for size and presumption (Figure B). The signifier resembles a partially eaten pie.
  5. Use the yellowish dots to alteration the shape. Specifically, drawback the 1 astatine the apical and resistance it down until it is other the yellowish dot connected the right. You're removing the apical conception of that shape. 
  6. Use the Shape Fill dropdown connected the contextual Shape Format tab to colour the semi-circle; I chose airy green, arsenic shown successful Figure C.

Figure A


  Choose the Partial Circle shape.

Figure B


  Insert a partial shape—be definite to clasp down the Shift key.

Figure C


  Add the colour of your choosing to the semi-circle.

At this point, you person 1 semi-circle. Simply clasp down the Ctrl cardinal portion dragging the signifier to transcript it truthful you person 2 semi-circles. Flip the transcript by choosing Flip Vertical from the Rotate Objects dropdown successful the Arrange radical (on the contextual Shape Format tab). Drag the apical semi-circle down to lucifer the consecutive borderline astatine the apical of the archetypal semi-circle. To nudge successful close, usage Ctrl + the due arrow key. Also fto the impermanent guidelines assistance enactment up the shapes. 

Use the Shape Fill dropdown to springiness the apical semi-circle a antithetic color. Then, usage the Shape Outline to region the outline from some shapes. Figure D shows the resulting dual-color circle. To support the shapes together, prime them some (hold down the Shift cardinal and click them both), and past take Group from the Group Objects dropdown successful the Arrange radical (on the contextual Shape Format tab). Figure E shows the results of rotating the grouped semi-circles, inserting a banal representation of an evergreen tree, and utilizing a capable colour of acheronian green.

Figure D


This dual-color ellipse is 2 semi-circles.

Figure E


  Use the dual-color ellipse to make an absorbing icon oregon image.

The 2nd method takes a spot much work, successful my opinion, but you mightiness similar it.

Method 2: Subtract a shape

The 2nd method uses a afloat ellipse and a rectangle, wherever the rectangle obscures 1 fractional of the ellipse and past you subtract the quadrate from the circle. Doing truthful leaves a semi-circle, which you tin past copy, colour and group, arsenic before. To get started, insert an oval shape. Be definite to clasp down the Shift cardinal to insert a cleanable circle. Next, insert a rectangle and presumption it implicit one-half of the circle, arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure F


  Insert a rectangle.

Now you're acceptable to subtract the rectangle information from the circle. To bash so, select some objects and past take Subtract from the Merge Shapes dropdown successful the Insert Shapes radical (on the contextual Shape Format tab). You are near with a semi-circle, arsenic shown successful Figure G.

Figure G


  Once you person a semi-circle, you tin transcript it and make a afloat circle.

At this point, you person a semi-circle. From here, repetition the steps successful the past conception to copy, color, rotate and radical the 2 semi-circles to make a dual-color circle. Figure H shows the ellipse rotated successful the different direction, but it's the aforesaid basal graphic arsenic the archetypal 1 shown successful Figure E.

Figure H


  Again, this dual-color ellipse is 2 grouped semi-circles.

It doesn't substance which method you use; aft trying both, you'll astir apt thin 1 mode oregon the other—whatever you prefer. Neither is superior to the different successful my opinion. 

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