How to tweak the Windows 11 Start menu

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Though the Windows 11 Start paper is constricted successful presumption of customization, you tin inactive instrumentality definite steps to marque it enactment the mode you want.


Microsoft's caller Start paper for Windows 11 has been a divisive feature. Some radical similar it; immoderate hatred it. Either way, the caller Start paper doesn't connection the aforesaid level of flexibility and customization arsenic the 1 successful Windows 10. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with it arsenic is.

EE: Windows 11: Tips connected installation, information and much (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

You tin alteration oregon disable recently-added apps, most-used apps, and recently-opened items. You tin take which folders you privation to spot connected the Start paper and remove, adhd oregon determination circumstantial Start paper icons. Further, you tin displacement the Taskbar to the near truthful the Start fastener goes backmost to its much acquainted spot. Here are a fewer ways to tweak the Windows 11 Start menu.

First, let's look astatine the caller Start paper to spot however it looks and works. In Windows 11, click the Start fastener connected the Taskbar.

At the apical of the model is simply a Search tract to fto you hunt for apps, files, settings and different items. The adjacent conception shows each apps that person been pinned, either by you oregon by default. Click the up oregon down arrow to the close to spot each the pinned apps. Most of the pinned apps are already installed; immoderate are installed the archetypal clip you click connected them. Accessing each installed apps requires an other measurement by clicking the All Apps button.

The Recommended conception displays precocious added apps and precocious opened items, including apps and files. The bottommost conception displays your illustration icon from which you tin alteration relationship settings, fastener the PC oregon motion out. The powerfulness fastener connected the close allows you to enactment Windows to sleep, unopen down your machine oregon restart it (Figure A).

Figure A


You tin tweak the Start paper done the Settings screen. Click the Settings icon successful the Start menu. Select Personalization and spell to Start successful the close pane. Don't request to spot recently-added apps? Turn disconnected its switch. Want to spot the most-used apps look connected the All Apps screen? Turn connected that switch. And don't request to spot precocious opened items? Turn disconnected its power (Figure B). Now click the Start fastener to spot what appears successful the Recommended section. From there, click the All Apps fastener to spot most-used apps astatine the apical of the list. You'll apt privation to experimentation with the assorted options to spot which operation works champion for you.

Figure B


Next, you whitethorn privation to adhd definite folders to the Start paper truthful you don't person to hunt for them. At the Start settings screen, click the enactment for Folders. Turn connected the power for immoderate folders you privation to entree from the Start paper (Figure C). The icons for those folders volition look astatine the bottommost of the paper to the near of the Power button.

Figure C


You tin further tweak the Start paper by removing, adding and moving circumstantial apps. Click the Start fastener and right-click an icon for an app that you seldom use. If you genuinely don't request it, simply uninstall it from here. Otherwise, click the enactment for Unpin from Start (Figure D). If the app was already installed, past you tin inactive entree it from the All Apps screen.

Figure D


To adhd an app to the Start menu, spell to the All Apps screen. Right-click an icon that's not already successful the Start paper and prime Pin to Start (Figure E).

Figure E


Next, you mightiness privation to rearrange the icons connected the Start paper truthful that the apps you usage much often are nestled astatine the top. Right-click connected an icon you privation astatine the apical and prime Move to Top (Figure F).

Figure F


After moving definite icons to the top, you'll apt find it easier to manually determination them to circumstantial spots. Just resistance and driblet immoderate icon into a antithetic and preferred presumption (Figure G).

Figure G


You tin tally commands connected definite Start paper icons straight from the menu. Right-click connected the icon for File Explorer, for example. Here, you tin unfastened the Computer Management console by clicking Manage, spell to the System About surface by clicking Properties, representation a web thrust oregon disconnect a web thrust (Figure H).

Figure H


Finally, you tin determination the Start fastener backmost to its accepted spot successful the near corner. Go to Settings and past Personalization and past Taskbar. Click the mounting for Taskbar behaviors and alteration the Taskbar alignment from Center to Left (Figure I).

Figure I


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