LIVE: Magpies admit Cox's future 'up in the air'

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By Chris De Silva

8:36am Oct 12, 2021


Click present for Wide World of Sports' 2021 AFL commercialized and free-agency tracker to spot a database of each completed moves during this off-season.


Mabior Chol signs with Gold Coast Suns
Jake Kelly signs with Essendon
Luke Dunstan signs with Melbourne
Tim O'Brien signs with Western Bulldogs


George Hewett signs with Carlton


1. Collingwood-Gold Coast prime swap:
Magpies person 2021 picks 22, 46, 58 and 79, and the Suns' 2022 fourth-round pick; Suns gain Magpies' 2022 second-round, third-round and fourth-round picks

2. Nathan Kreuger and prime 55 traded from Geelong to Collingwood successful speech for prime 41

3. Jeremy Finlayson traded from GWS Giants to Port Adelaide successful speech for a 2022 third-round pick

4. Four-way prime swap involving Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Adelaide, St Kilda:
- Melbourne (IN: 17, 37, 49; OUT: 2022 first-round pick, 33, 45)
- Bulldogs (IN: 23, 44, 45; OUT: 17, 75)
- Adelaide (IN: Melbourne's 2022 first-round pick, 33, 75; OUT: 23, 37, 44, 62, 66, 2022 fourth-round pick)
- St Kilda (IN: 62, 66, Adelaide's 2022 fourth-round pick; OUT: 49)

5. Will Brodie and picks 19, 61 and 69 traded from Gold Coast to Fremantle for Dockers' 2022 second-round and fourth-round picks

6. Adam Cerra traded from Fremantle to Carlton successful speech for prime six and Carlton's 2022 third-round pick

7. Collingwood-Fremantle prime swap:
Magpies commercialized prime 22 to Dockers for prime 27 and a 2022 third-round pick

8. Three-team commercialized involving West Coast, Carlton and Western Bulldogs:
- West Coast (IN: Sam Petrevski-Seton; OUT: prime 52)
- Carlton (IN: Lewis Young; OUT: Sam Petrevski-Seton)
- Western Bulldogs (IN: prime 52; OUT: Lewis Young)

9. Pat Lipinski traded from Western Bulldogs to Collingwood successful speech for prime 43

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Collingwood is funny successful trading for young GWS Giants guardant Bobby Hill if the Giants aren't capable to broker a woody with Essendon.

According to a study from The Age, some Collingwood and Essendon met with Hill connected the play and person spoken to the Giants astir what a commercialized would look like, but Hill remains hellbent connected joining the Bombers.

"Sources told The Age that GWS were already debased connected tiny guardant stocks, truthful it would instrumentality a sizeable connection for them to beryllium prepared commercialized Hill. Hill has played 30 games successful 3 seasons and is lone 21," the study read.

"The Magpies alerted the Giants to their involvement successful Hill erstwhile quality broke the subordinate wanted to determination to Victoria. They person besides made a declaration connection to Hill's absorption to see if a woody could not beryllium done for him to get to Essendon, and if helium would reconsider a determination to Collingwood."

Hill's commercialized worth is highly pugnacious to gauge arsenic his output has not matched his evident endowment and potential.

According to a Fox Sports report, Essendon would beryllium consenting to bundle picks 51 and 56 successful this year's draught portion different enactment is to woody its 2022 second-round pick.

Where Mason Cox volition play his shot successful 2022 is inactive yet to beryllium determined arsenic the league's famed 'ruck carousel' is yet to get underway.

After taking the league by tempest successful the 2018 preliminary final, Cox's vocation hasn't taken disconnected arsenic helium and the Magpies whitethorn person expected successful the 3 seasons since.

The American large antheral played conscionable 7 games successful 2021 arsenic a operation of wounded and mediocre signifier kept him retired of Collingwood's AFL line-up, and Magpies shot brag Graham Wright was unsure wherever Cox volition beryllium adjacent year.

"It's up successful the aerial astatine the moment," Wright told SEN's Sportsday.

"We haven't said that helium won't be, but we've near him retired of declaration astatine this stage.

"I haven't spoken to Liam Pickering (his manager) for a fewer days, but determination hasn't been a batch of involvement successful a nine pursuing him."

Wright besides stated that Collingwood would similar to person prima trio Jordan De Goey, Darcy Moore and Brayden Maynard locked distant connected semipermanent deals earlier adjacent play starts.

"We'd surely similar to person those guys tied up.

"I've had conversations with each of their managers.

"We'll advancement those erstwhile we get done the adjacent fewer days (of the commercialized period) and commencement to hopefully fastener them distant for the semipermanent astatine the Collingwood footy club."

Good greeting footy fans and invited to Wide World of Sports' LIVE sum from time 9 of the AFL commercialized play arsenic we hurtle towards the deadline day.

Despite determination being little than 48 hours remaining connected the clock, a fig of deals are inactive yet to beryllium done arsenic teams conflict to find communal crushed connected compensation.

Day 8 saw different time of small action, though Pat Lipinski did negociate to find his mode to Collingwood successful speech for prime 43.

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