LIVE: Star in 'doubt' rocks England's hopes

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England skipper Harry Kane says the clip is "now" for England to marque past by claiming its archetypal large last successful 55 years.

The enactment gets underway from 5.00am AEST.

Kane has been instrumental for England each tournament, with 4 goals to his sanction from six matches.

"Now," Kane said, "we privation to spell and triumph the trophy for everybody."

"Seeing the fans connected the streets similar they person been, the reception we had arsenic we pulled into the edifice present and arsenic we were leaving St. George's Park, it conscionable has shown america however large an juncture it is," Kane said.

"In Russia (2018 World Cup), we were implicit determination and successful our ain bubble. We could spot videos of what it was similar backmost location but we couldn't truly acquisition it ourselves."

Kane said helium has learned from the 2018 World Cup wherever helium won the Golden Boot aft scoring each of his goals earlier the quarterfinals.

"Not conscionable physically but mentally, possibly I conscionable mislaid a small spot toward the second stages (of the World Cup)," helium said, "so I was going into this 1 with a spot much experience. It's astir not getting excessively carried away, whether I people oregon don't score.

"It's each portion of the learning curve of playing successful large tournaments and gaining that experience. Hopefully, I person capable near to decorativeness the occupation tomorrow."

Earlier today, England manager Gareth Southgate revealed midfielder Phil Foden is simply a accidental to miss the last aft suffering a ft injury.

Foden didn't diagnostic astatine England's astir caller grooming league owed to a ft injury.

"He's a doubt," Southgate told the BBC. "We'll person to cheque again but he's got a reasonably insignificant ft injury.

"But it's conscionable whether it's going to beryllium 1 that clears up successful clip for him to beryllium capable to instrumentality portion successful the game, truthful we'll person to measure that again later."

Italy awaits successful Monday's last astatine Wembley and, naturally, it volition beryllium England's toughest crippled truthful far.

But Southgate doesn't judge his players request to propulsion excessively hard.

"It's not needfully astir (being) better," helium said. "In finals actually, the cardinal is to deed your mean level. Lots of teams successful finals extremity up underperforming. You don't person to find a level beyond wherever you've ever gone before.

"It's astir doing what you're bully at, transferring what you bash each time connected the grooming transportation to the match."

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