Louisiana State Police Did Not Discover Trooper Had Been Killed for Half a Day

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Master Trooper Adam Gaubert of the Louisiana State Police was recovered dormant successful his car much than 12 hours aft helium was ambushed connected Saturday, the authorities said.

A hearse carrying the assemblage  of Master Trooper Adam Gaubert, who was killed successful  Ascension Parish successful  Louisiana connected  Saturday.
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Oct. 11, 2021Updated 10:46 p.m. ET

A Louisiana antheral was arrested implicit the play successful a bid of shootings that near 2 radical dead, including a authorities trooper whose decease was not discovered for much than 12 hours aft helium was shot, the authorities said.

Master Trooper Adam Gaubert of the Louisiana State Police was recovered dormant successful his constabulary car astir 5 p.m. Saturday successful Ascension Parish, the State Police said astatine a news briefing connected Monday. They said that Matthew Reese Mire, 31, had ambushed Trooper Gaubert, 47, sometime astir 2:30 a.m., aft the trooper had parked his car to capable retired immoderate paperwork.

“Losing a co-worker similar Adam puts a spread successful your heart,” Col. Lamar A. Davis, the superintendent of the State Police, said astatine the briefing. He said that it was “absolutely unacceptable” that it took truthful agelong for the constabulary to observe that Trooper Gaubert, a 19-year bureau veteran, had been fatally shot.

Colonel Davis said that the hold successful discovering the sidesplitting had prompted the State Police to see procedural changes, including “expanded GPS coverage, dormant enactment alerts and redundant unit tracking by supervisors.”

“We are learning from this experience,” helium said.

Trooper Gaubert’s death, the constabulary said, came successful the mediate of Mr. Mire’s shooting spree. First, astir midnight, helium changeable 2 radical successful a mobile location parkland successful Livingston Parish, the constabulary said. The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said it believed Mr. Mire “was acquainted with” the victims, who were expected to retrieve from their injuries.

Then, the State Police said, Mr. Mire stole a Chevrolet Silverado and ambushed Trooper Gaubert successful Ascension Parish. It was unclear what clip Trooper Gaubert was shot, the constabulary said, but they noted that Mr. Mire was captured connected surveillance footage astir 2:30 a.m. arsenic helium drove toward the country wherever the trooper was parked.

The State Police had asked for vigor soundlessness connected Saturday truthful that troopers could coordinate the hunt for Mr. Mire, who they said had tally into a wooded country aft his shooting rampage. Troopers ending their displacement astir 5 a.m. were asked not to motion disconnected implicit the radio, which whitethorn person been wherefore Trooper Gaubert’s soundlessness did not rise questions.

He wasn’t discovered until idiosyncratic reported that they had seen a operator who appeared unresponsive successful a State Police car, the constabulary said.


Credit...Louisiana State Police

After helium killed Trooper Gaubert, Mr. Mire forced his mode into the location of Pamela Adair, 37, and Joseph Schexnayder, 43, astir 3 a.m. and changeable them, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said. Ms. Adair died astatine a infirmary from her injuries connected Saturday, portion Mr. Schexnayder was successful critical but unchangeable condition.

It was unclear if Mr. Mire knew Mr. Schexnayder and Ms. Adair, who was a parent of 3 children, according to a fund-raiser leafage acceptable up to screen her ceremonial costs.

Mr. Mire past drove off, and a authorities trooper who happened to beryllium driving to different country activated his exigency lights, the State Police said. Mr. Mire did not determination retired of the way, the constabulary said, but alternatively fired astatine the trooper, who was not injured. The trooper chased him earlier Mr. Mire drove distant and near his car to tally into the woods. Mr. Mire opened occurrence arsenic the authorities closed successful connected him, Sheriff Bobby Webre of Ascension Parish said astatine the quality briefing.

“He didn’t travel out. He ran each time long,” Sheriff Webre said astatine the quality briefing. He said that the authorities were “able to flush him out.”

Mr. Mire was taken into custody astir 10 p.m. Saturday, the authorities said. He sustained a wound from a constabulary canine and a gunshot coiled to his limb that whitethorn person been self-inflicted, the State Police said. He was taken to a aesculapian installation for surgery.

He was charged with first-degree execution of a constabulary serviceman and respective different transgression counts, the constabulary said. The motive for the shootings remained nether investigation. It was unclear connected Monday if Mr. Mire had a lawyer.

Colonel Davis, the State Police superintendent, was visibly affectional astatine a abstracted news briefing connected Saturday nighttime aft the shooting. He said the day’s events were immoderate of the toughest helium had experienced successful his career.

“It hurts, but we volition get done it,” Colonel Davis said.

In a connection connected Twitter connected Sunday, Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana said that helium hoped to get a “clearer picture” of what happened connected Saturday. The politician added that Trooper Gaubert had served the authorities “selflessly and courageously.”

“He represents the champion of each us,” helium said.

There person been 48 constabulary serviceman deaths successful the state truthful acold this twelvemonth that were connected to firearms, up from 38 during the aforesaid clip play past year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Claire Fahy contributed reporting.

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