Mayweather cashes in on McGregor's defeat

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Boxing fable Floyd Mayweather took other joyousness successful watching his erstwhile rival Conor McGregor spell down to Dustin Poirier astatine UFC 264 aft cashing successful with a monolithic winning bet.

Mayweather enactment down a $67,000 wager that Poirier would decision McGregor successful their Las Vegas showdown, and that's precisely what happened, albeit owed to a "freak" limb interruption successful the archetypal round.

Poirier was the bookie's favourite by a tiny margin, and contempt the unorthodox triumph helium delivered a $48,000 payday for Mayweather.

"Thanks for getting maine paid," Mayweather tweeted with an representation of the bet.

"I got you champ," Poirier replied.

Mayweather bushed McGregor successful August 2017 successful a lucrative one-off boxing match.

Poirier bushed McGregor successful their 3rd gathering yesterday astatine UFC 264, earning a triumph by doctor's stoppage erstwhile McGregor was incapable to statesman the 2nd circular owed to a breached leg.

McGregor loses aft nasty ankle break

'The Diamond' was each implicit McGregor successful the last seconds of the archetypal round, with the timepiece luckily redeeming him from a TKO, erstwhile a limb wounded ended the combat prematurely.

Though commentators did not initially realise McGregor had suffered the wounded amid a frantic decorativeness to the opening round, it soon became wide erstwhile McGregor did not get up and spell to his corner. He pointed to his limb arsenic doctors rushed in.

McGregor loses by a Doctor's stoppage successful UFC 264 (Getty)

The assemblage was near stunned with McGregor's limb cleanable breached and successful gruesome scenes, wobbling arsenic helium lifted it disconnected the canvas. The wounded meant the combat was deemed over, and a doctor's stoppage, not a TKO, was the extremity result.

McGregor had to beryllium stretchered disconnected retired of the Octagon, and underwent country this morning.

It was the archetypal back-to-back nonaccomplishment successful McGregor's UFC career.

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