Michael Jordan reveals stance on NBA vaccine furore

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Basketball legend Michael Jordan has weighed successful connected the firestorm engulfing America's NBA - and athletics successful wide - astir players being required to get vaccinated against COVID-19 successful bid to compete.

The world's apical hoops league is facing the probability of opening its play without a fig of its champion players, the highest illustration of which is arguable Brooklyn Nets prima Kyrie Irving.

Irving is 1 subordinate who has been vocal successful his stance against the vaccination and, arsenic it stands, helium volition beryllium barred from attending a fig of playing venues astir the NBA.

Jordan - considered the top to ever play the crippled - is successful enactment of the NBA and its clubs requiring players and unit to get vaccinated.

Jordan present owns the Charlotte Hornets, and helium was quizzed by NBA connected the vaccine issue.

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Asked if helium took contented with the rules, Jordan said; "Not astatine all. Not astatine all. I americium full successful unison with the league".

"And I deliberation everybody, you know, has been speaking astir the vaccinations.

"And, you know, I'm a steadfast believer successful subject and... I'm going to instrumentality with that and hopefully everybody abides by immoderate the league sets the rules.

"I deliberation erstwhile everybody buys in, we're going the beryllium fine."

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