Mike Lindell Wants Trump Reinstated Because He Thinks 23,000 Dead People VotedIn Wisconsin

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Mike Lindell is inactive cracking distant astatine 2020 predetermination conspiracies with the assertion that 23,000 dormant radical voted successful Wisconsin.


After his archetypal 246 conspiracies failed to get Trump reinstated, Mike Lindell is retired with a caller one. This time, helium has “discovered” that 23,000 dormant radical successful WI voted utilizing the aforesaid situation address. It’s astonishing Ron Johnson didn’t cognize astir this! pic.twitter.com/rcAARfJAYr

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 11, 2021

Lindell said, “I’m going to amusement you guys successful Wisconsin conscionable an illustration however 23,000 radical voted utilizing the aforesaid situation code and the aforesaid telephone number. Now a batch were radical that turned out, arsenic we dove into it, they’re not live anymore. They conscionable utilized their names, obviously. They don’t unrecorded successful Wisconsin.”

Lindell should archer this to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who was caught connected concealed video saying that the predetermination successful Wisconsin was not stolen and that Trump mislaid the authorities due to the fact that immoderate Republicans voted for Biden.

Mike Lindell is the astir crazed of the Trump cultist zealots. The predetermination successful Wisconsin was not stolen. Donald Trump is not going to beryllium restored to the presidency.

It’s over. Joe Biden is president.

Mike Lindell needs to get implicit it and absorption connected the information that if Dominion Voting Systems wins their suit against him, they could soon ain My Pillow.

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