No dogs allowed: where to buy NODOGE as it surges 2x

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NODOGE has taken “Doge mania” to a caller level of self-referentiality, bemoaning the omnipresence of DOGE portion indirectly perpetuating its grip connected the crypto public’s consciousness.

Tired of seeing Dogecoin everywhere? Had capable of BabyDoge, Shiba Doge, whatever-Doge? So person the creators of NODOGE, though they are astir apt really extending the reign of Dogecoin unintentionally by parodying its name. The caller token claims to laic bare the hollow foundations of the Dogecoin illusion, employing Morpheus’ red/blue pill metaphor to triumph implicit caller investors.

In this article, we’ll look astatine the fundamentals and terms show of NODOGE, arsenic good arsenic investigating however and wherever to acquisition the token.

How & wherever to bargain No Doge successful the UK and elsewhere

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What is No Doge?

NODOGE is simply a caller meme coin autochthonal to the Binance Smart Chain. It follows successful the footsteps of coins similar Shiba Inu, Sanshu Inu, and BabyDoge, which sought to physique connected the infectious popularity of Elon Musk’s favourite crypto, Dogecoin. NODOGE playfully laments the proliferation of these coins, asking whether determination is really immoderate substance down the Dogecoin frenzy.

The coin’s logo depicts a Doge quality successful a Morpheus costume. The canine mentation of the Matrix quality is depicted successful immoderate NODOGE promotional artwork, sometimes holding reddish and bluish pills, indicating to the capitalist a prime betwixt buying DOGE connected 1 hand, and NODOGE connected the other.

While the existent inferior of NODOGE is unclear (and perchance nonexistent), its meme-friendliness is abundantly clear, and it has evident imaginable for a viral terms explosion.

Should I bargain NODOGE today?

NODOGE has been astir for conscionable a fewer days and has already rallied significantly. Currently priced astatine $0.01772, NODOGE has accrued successful terms by implicit 100% successful 24 hours, marking a doubling successful value. This aboriginal momentum could beryllium a motion of things to come, with the marketplace inactive warming to meme coins. The caller occurrence of coins similar BabyDoge and Shiba Inu could beryllium omens with which to foretell a rosy aboriginal for NODOGE.

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