Police Officer Drags Man by Hair From Car. ‘I’m Paraplegic,’ He Protests.

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Body camera footage released by the constabulary successful Dayton, Ohio, showed the brushwood with Clifford Owensby, who has filed a ailment with the N.A.A.C.P.

A bodycam video released by the Dayton Police Department shows Clifford Owensby being restrained by constabulary  officers connected  Sept. 30.
Credit...Dayton Police Department

Oct. 11, 2021, 6:04 p.m. ET

A Black antheral who was pulled from a car by constabulary officers portion yelling “I’m paraplegic” filed a ailment with the N.A.A.C.P., the enactment said, arsenic the constabulary successful Dayton, Ohio, said they were investigating what had happened during the stop.

On Sept. 30, an serviceman with the Dayton Police Department grabbed the hairsbreadth of Clifford Owensby, 39, and dragged him retired of the car aft repeatedly telling him to measurement out, according to assemblage camera footage released by the section connected Friday. Mr. Owensby told the officers that helium could not get retired of the car due to the fact that helium was paraplegic, according to the footage.

Mr. Owensby’s lawyer, James Willis, said helium planned to record a lawsuit.

The Dayton Police Department did not instantly respond to questions seeking remark connected Monday afternoon, but successful a 16-minute video released by the section that contains the assemblage camera footage and immoderate constabulary statements, they said an probe had begun. The Police Department has not publically identified the officers.

The footage begins with an unidentified serviceman describing what led to the stop.

Officers had been alerted to “a suspected cause house” successful the area, and a achromatic Audi was seen leaving that house, the constabulary said. In the vehicle, the constabulary said, was Mr. Owensby.

The constabulary said they got Mr. Owensby’s identification, ran his accusation and recovered that helium had a “felony cause and limb history.”

The officers requested a constabulary canine that could observe narcotics. The constabulary said it was the department’s argumentation to necessitate radical to exit a conveyance erstwhile it was inspected for drugs.

Mr. Owensby told the officers that helium could not exit due to the fact that helium was paraplegic. His 3-year-old lad was successful the backmost spot of the car during the stop, according to Mr. Willis.

Footage shows an serviceman attack Mr. Owensby’s car and say, “I’m going to assistance you get out.”

Mr. Owensby responds, “I don’t deliberation that’s going to happen, sir.”

He continues to accidental that helium can’t get retired of the car due to the fact that helium is paraplegic, and the serviceman repeats that helium volition assist, according to the footage.

“There volition beryllium a suit if you enactment your hands connected maine for nary reason,” Mr. Owensby says.

The serviceman replies, “Well, the crushed is that I’m asking you to get retired of the car.”

Mr. Owensby calls idiosyncratic connected the telephone and asks the serviceman for a constabulary supervisor, footage shows.

An serviceman past says, “You tin cooperate and get retired of the car, oregon I volition resistance you retired of the car.”

The serviceman proceeds to drawback the wrist of Mr. Owensby, who is saying that the serviceman is hurting him, footage shows. A 2nd serviceman past grabs Mr. Owensby by the wrist arsenic helium remains successful the car, repeating that helium is paraplegic.

As the officers began to region Mr. Owensby, the constabulary said successful a connection with the video, helium “grabbed onto the steering wheel, successful an effort to forestall the officers from removing him from the vehicle.”

“You’re hurting me,” Mr. Owensby says successful the footage, utilizing an expletive.

An serviceman is past seen pulling Mr. Owensby by the hairsbreadth and dragging him retired of the car, footage shows.

About 20 seconds later, an serviceman again grabs Mr. Owensby by the hair, flips him onto his tummy and handcuffs him. The officers resistance Mr. Owensby to their constabulary cruiser.

During their investigation, the constabulary said, they recovered a container of currency containing $22,450 successful Mr. Owensby’s car. The constabulary canine alerted the officers that the wealth had been “in adjacent proximity to amerciable drugs,” the constabulary said.

Mr. Owensby was taken to a hospital, wherever helium was examined and aboriginal released, the constabulary said.

Mr. Willis said that Mr. Owensby was charged with 2 misdemeanors: having tinted windows, and failing to person his lad successful a car seat. Mr. Owensby was not charged with immoderate drug-related offenses, Mr. Willis said.

Mr. Willis said helium did not privation to sermon Mr. Owensby’s paralysis. He added that it was not a transgression to person thousands of dollars successful cash.

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