Python ends C and Java's 20-year reign atop the TIOBE index

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There hasn't been immoderate different connection atop the monthly scale since 2001, making its topping of TIOBE conscionable 1 much feather successful Python's ever-plumier hat.


The apical 10 languages successful TIOBE's October 2021 ranking

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Windows XP was new, BitTorrent had conscionable been invented and the iPhone was inactive a twinkle successful Steve Jobs' oculus erstwhile the TIOBE monthly scale of programming languages was past topped by a connection different than C oregon Java. That's 2001 for reference, and present 20 years aboriginal C and Java person yet been toppled by nary different than Python.

"Python, which started arsenic a elemental scripting language, arsenic an alternate to Perl, has go mature. Its easiness of learning, its immense magnitude of libraries and its wide usage successful each kinds of domains, has made it the astir fashionable programming connection of today," said TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen. "The long-standing hegemony of Java and C is over," Jansen said. 

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Python ranked 3rd arsenic precocious arsenic last month, erstwhile Jansen said that Python had ne'er been arsenic adjacent to the fig 1 presumption arsenic it was then. "If Python becomes fig one, a caller milestone has been reached successful the TIOBE index. Only 2 different languages person ever been starring the battalion truthful far, i.e. C and Java. Let's spot what happens adjacent month," Jansen said successful September. 

TIOBE ranks programming languages based connected popularity utilizing a operation of the fig of nonrecreational engineers skilled successful that language, the fig of courses disposable successful the language, third-party vendors utilizing the connection and hunt motor rankings. It's important to note, TIOBE said, that its scale "is not astir the champion programming connection oregon the connection successful which astir lines of codification person been written." Simply which is astir good represented connected the net and successful developer communities. 

The monthly scale released by TIOBE charts the apical 50 programming languages (NOTE: TIOBE reuses the URL for its scale monthly. If you are visiting this leafage aft October, 2021, the rankings whitethorn beryllium different), arsenic good arsenic comparing them with the aforesaid play the erstwhile year.

In the lawsuit of October 2021, Python sits connected top, portion C and Java person slid to 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Behind them are C++, C# and Visual Basic that are successful the aforesaid positions they were a twelvemonth ago, arsenic is JavaScript, which is close down them astatine fig seven. 

Rounding retired the apical 10 are SQL (up 2 places since October 2020), PHP (down 1 spot), and Assembly Language, which roseate from 17th successful October 2020 to 10th spot successful 2021. 

The IEEE, which releases an yearly database of its apical programming languages, said successful September that Python got its apical spot arsenic well, citing respective of the aforesaid reasons Jansen said Python was the go-to connection successful 2021: It's casual to larn and has a immense fig of libraries that marque it incredibly flexible. It whitethorn deficiency immoderate of the extent of established languages similar C and Java, but Python makes up for it successful its modularity and quality to adapt.

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Python's latest triumph is conscionable different successful its agelong enactment of toppling long-standing connection leaders and it's worthy taking IEEE peculiar task exertion Stephen Cass' words to heart: "Learn Python." 

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