Report: Tucker Carlson Didn’t Want to Take Trump’s Phone Calls Anymore So Matt Gaetz Tricked Him

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Anyone who listened to his amusement implicit the past 4 years would presume that Tucker Carlson was a large instrumentality of Donald Trump. Over the past mates of months, though, a fig of stories person travel retired astir the Fox big not being arsenic enthusiastic astir the erstwhile president.

Carlson has reportedly told friends that helium didn’t ballot for Donald Trump successful 2020, opting alternatively for Kanye West. Sources besides accidental that Carlson regularly mocks his workfellow Sean Hannity implicit his devotion to Trump.

Now there’s yet different study astir Carlson’s disdain for the erstwhile president. According to the Wall St. Journal’s Michael Bender, Trump wanted to get the Fox host’s sentiment connected his onslaught that killed Iran’s Qasem Soleimani.

Bender writes:

“Like Gaetz, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson opposed American adventurism successful the Middle East. Unlike Gaetz, he’d grown wary of Trump’s calls. Carlson wanted to beryllium a TV amusement host, not 1 of Trump’s advisers. He was riding on successful a play cart successful Florida erstwhile helium saw Gaetz calling. He answered lone to find Trump connected the different end.

Carlson was upset—both astir the onslaught and that he’d been tricked into taking a telephone from the president. But Trump defended the determination to instrumentality retired Soleimani and described his calculation arsenic partially based impeachment considerations.”

It is wide that Carlson is leaking accusation astir his dislike for Trump for a reason. Wha that crushed is, though, is not yet wholly clear.

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