Rick Grimes From The Walking Dead Joins Fortnite, Daryl And Michonne Return To Item Shop

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Somebody archer Coral, err, Carl that his dada is successful Fortnite. 

Epic Games has added the famed sheriff-turned-zombie-killing-leader Rick Grimes to Fornite, and he's disposable for acquisition close present successful the Item Shop. Rick has been added to the Item Shop arsenic portion of this year's Fortnitemares event, bringing classical Universal icons similar Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, and much to the game. 

Daryl Dixon and Michonne Hawthorne person besides been added backmost to the Fortnite Item Shop to observe Rick's arrival, truthful if you missed retired connected them past time, present is your chance. Those that acquisition Rick volition person his modular outfit arsenic good arsenic his Winter Rick Grimes outfit.

As you tin spot successful the screenshot above, Rick comes with a unsocial pickaxe, backmost bling, and glider, overmuch similar the different outfits disposable for purchase. 

Epic Games besides added the Curdle Scream Leader (beside Frankenstein's Monster) and the Skeletara (beside Rick) skins to the Item Shop alongside Rick. See the representation below.

Rick concludes the archetypal week of cards for Fortnitemares which means different week of them volition begin, and it's anybody's conjecture arsenic to what outfits and skins those cards whitethorn bring. In other news, Venom and Carnage volition beryllium leaving Fortnite connected October 18th, and the Ghoul Trooper and Brainiac outfits are present disposable for purchase successful the Item Shop. 

For much astir Fortnite, work astir however Universal's classical monsters are coming, and past work astir why you shouldn't expect to spot Fortnite connected Apple devices for years.

Will you beryllium picking up Rick Grimes successful Fortnite? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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