Texas Man Who Waited Hours to Vote Is Arrested on Charges of Illegal Voting

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U.S.|Texas Man Who Waited Hours to Vote Is Arrested connected Charges of Illegal Voting


Hervis Rogers was ineligible to formed a ballot successful the 2020 statesmanlike superior due to the fact that helium was inactive connected parole, according to the state’s lawyer general. He present faces 4 decades successful prison.

This week Republicans successful  the Texas Legislature presented plans to overhaul the state’s predetermination  apparatus for a 2nd  clip  this year.
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Isabella Grullón Paz

July 10, 2021, 5:14 p.m. ET

A 62-year-old Texas antheral who waited hours to formed a ballot successful past year’s statesmanlike superior was arrested this week connected charges that helium had voted illegally.

The man, Hervis Earl Rogers of Houston, waited 7 hours extracurricular Texas Southern University to ballot successful the state’s statesmanlike superior successful March 2020. On Wednesday, helium was arrested and charged with 2 counts of amerciable voting, a felony. According to tribunal documents, the charges stem from ballots that Mr. Rogers formed connected March 3, 2020, and connected Nov. 6, 2018, portion helium was inactive connected parole and not legally permitted to vote.

Tommy Buser-Clancy, a elder unit lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and 1 of the lawyers representing Mr. Rogers, said that Mr. Rogers thought that helium could ballot during the primary.

“Mr. Rogers’s prosecution truly shows the information of overcriminalizing the predetermination codification and the process of participating successful a antiauthoritarian society,” helium said. “In particular, it raises the information that transgression statutes successful the predetermination codification are being utilized to spell aft individuals who astatine worse person made an guiltless mistake. That’s not what immoderate laws should beryllium doing.”

Mr. Buser-Clancy said that the A.C.L.U. was conducting its ain probe into the charges.

Texas election codification states that a idiosyncratic convicted of a felony tin registry to ballot and enactment successful elections lone erstwhile his oregon her condemnation — including parole — is afloat completed. Texas’ predetermination laws besides stipulate that a idiosyncratic indispensable knowingly ballot illegally to beryllium blameworthy of a crime.

The Sentencing Project, a criminal-justice nonprofit, estimates that 5.2 cardinal Americans stay disenfranchised due to the fact that of felony convictions, a disproportionate fig of them Black. According to a study the radical released past year, over 6.2 percent of the big African American colonisation is disenfranchised, compared with 1.7 percent of the non-African American population. In Texas, 2.8 percent of voters cannot ballot due to the fact that of felony convictions.

Experts say that disparities successful sentencing tin marque felony voting laws inherently discriminatory against minorities and radical with debased incomes. And the process for erstwhile felons to instrumentality to the elector rolls tin beryllium confusing, with muddled and often changing rules, making it hard for radical trying to ballot legally to cognize what to do.

Mr. Rogers’s communicative ricocheted astir societal media aft helium was identified as the precise past idiosyncratic successful enactment to ballot astatine his polling place. Houston Public Media reported astatine the time that Mr. Rogers arrived astatine the polls conscionable earlier 7 p.m. and waited astir six hours to vote, agelong aft the polls had closed and galore others had near the line.

“It is insane, but it’s worthy it,” Mr. Rogers told Houston Public Media portion waiting successful line.

Mr. Rogers is present being held astatine the Montgomery County Jail with bail acceptable astatine $100,000. He could look upward of 40 years successful situation — 20 years for each charge, according to Mr. Buser-Clancy, who added that Mr. Rogers’s past transgression grounds means that the condemnation could beryllium adjacent higher.

“He’s facing the anticipation of an highly harsh sentence,” helium said. “Second-degree felonies are usually reserved for aggravated assault, and to use it to Mr. Rogers’s case, it conscionable shows however unjust that is.”

Texas’ lawyer general, Ken Paxton, who is nether probe for nonrecreational misconduct aft helium challenged President Biden’s triumph successful court, brought the charges against Mr. Rogers. He has made it a ngo of his bureau to prosecute voter-fraud cases, which are precise uncommon successful the United States and thin to beryllium insignificant mistakes erstwhile they bash happen.

Republicans successful Texas and different battleground states person been pushing aggressively to restrict voting laws since erstwhile President Donald J. Trump began making mendacious claims that the 2020 predetermination was stolen from him. On Thursday, Republicans successful the Texas Legislature presented plans to overhaul the state’s predetermination apparatus for a 2nd clip this year. They outlined a raft of projected caller restrictions connected voting entree that would beryllium among the astir far-reaching predetermination laws passed this year.

For some, Mr. Rogers’s lawsuit evoked different caller prosecution successful the state.

In 2017, Crystal Mason was sentenced to 5 years successful situation for casting a provisional ballot successful the 2016 statesmanlike predetermination portion she was connected supervised merchandise for a national taxation fraud felony. Her provisional ballot was not counted, and her lawsuit is pending earlier Texas’ highest transgression appellate tribunal aft Ms. Mason filed for an appeal.

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