The Lincoln Project Exposes Billionaire Backed Misinformation Campaign In New Pennsylvania Ad

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The Lincoln Project exposed a misinformation run being tally by right-wing billionaire Jeff Yass successful Pennsylvania.

Watch the ad:

The Lincoln Project said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Lincoln Project has released a caller advertisement exposing right-wing billionaire Jeff Yass’s efforts to power our elections, relying connected a secretive web of governmental committees that tricked Pennsylvanian voters.

Jeff Yass is spending millions of dollars connected a coordinated run to spread  misinformation astir our antiauthoritarian systems. The Lincoln Project volition not standby portion extremist right-wing donors sow uncertainty successful our democracy. Yass and his governmental operatives should see themselves connected notice.

The right-wing billionaires and organizations spot the Big Lie arsenic a convenient accidental to suppress the ballot and summation much power. People similar Yass truly don’t judge that the predetermination was stolen oregon that determination is thing incorrect with the voting system, but they are throwing millions of dollars into spreading misinformation to discredit the predetermination strategy to abbreviated circuit ideology for their idiosyncratic gain.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro needs to analyse this coordinated onslaught connected democracy.

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