Tiger's gruesome admission about car crash

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Tiger Woods has revealed it's "realistic" he'll again vie connected the PGA Tour, albeit not successful a full-time capacity, and admitted to fearing a limb amputation successful the aftermath of February's California car crash.

"I deliberation thing that is realistic is playing the (PGA) Tour 1 time – ne'er full-time, ever again – but prime and choose, conscionable similar Mr (Ben) Hogan did. Pick and take a fewer events a twelvemonth and you play astir that," Woods told Golf Digest.

Hogan was progressive successful a near-fatal car clang successful February 1949 that near him with terrible humor clots successful his legs. To forestall clots from perchance spreading to his heart, the American underwent a process to person his main artery tied from his heart.

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But contempt efficaciously being crippled for the remainder of his life, Hogan returned to play successful a part-time capableness and achieved the unfathomable, winning six majors from 9 starts betwixt 1950 and 1953. His 1953 season, successful which helium triumphed successful the Masters, the US Open and the British Open, winning each large helium entered, is among the top of each time.

Tiger Woods has revealed a instrumentality to the PGA Tour, albeit not successful a full-time capacity, is "realistic". (Getty)

Woods suffered fractures to the tibia and fibula successful his close limb successful the crash.

In a feel-good penetration into his recovery, however, Woods past week posted a video showing him swinging a play nine for the archetypal clip since the accident.

"You signifier astir that, and you cogwheel yourself up for that. I deliberation that's however I'm going to person to play it from present on. It's an unfortunate reality, but it's my reality. And I recognize it, and I judge it," Woods said.

"There was a constituent successful clip erstwhile – I wouldn't accidental it was 50-50 – but it was damn adjacent determination if I was going to locomotion retired of that infirmary with 1 leg."

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Tiger Woods injured aft superior LA car crash

The 45-year-old's vocation has been defined by his phenomenal achievements connected the play people and unthinkable comeback stories.

He famously returned from a bid of backmost surgeries, including a spinal fusion, to triumph the 2019 Masters.

"I don't person to vie and play against the champion players successful the satellite to person a large life," Woods said.

"After my backmost fusion, I had to ascent Mount Everest 1 much time. I had to bash it, and I did. This clip around, I don't deliberation I'll person the assemblage to ascent Mount Everest – and that's OK.

Tigers Woods famously returned from a bid of backmost surgeries, including a spinal fusion, to triumph the 2019 Masters. (Getty)

"I tin inactive enactment successful the crippled of golf. I tin still, if my limb gets OK – I tin inactive click disconnected a tourney present oregon there.

"But arsenic acold arsenic climbing the upland again and getting each the mode to the top, I don't deliberation that's a realistic anticipation of me."

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Los Angeles region sheriff Alex Villanueva announced successful May that Woods would not beryllium summoned to look successful tribunal implicit the crash. Villanueva said that neither drugs nor intoxicant were believed to beryllium factors successful the clang and that excessive velocity was the cause.

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