Top House Democrat Busts Kevin McCarthy Supporting Trump Cult Fascist Take Over

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House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Smith accused Kevin McCarthy of helping the Trump cult transportation retired a fascist instrumentality implicit of the US.


House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith says Kevin McCarthy is trying to assistance the Trump cult transportation retired a fascist takeover of the government.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 10, 2021

Chairman Smith said connected MSNBC:

On January 6th, erstwhile the unit happened, you tin astir spot the Republicans, Lindsey graham’s ridiculous code successful the senate, if you haven’t seen that on January 6th, it’s worthy going back and looking at. They said, oh, my gosh, we’ve gone excessively far. The Trump cult is simply a disaster, it’s a immense problem. That lasted, I think, maybe until the greeting and past Kevin McCarthy calculated that helium needs Trump and helium needs Trump supporters to triumph backmost the majority successful the house. So helium fundamentally sold everything out to backmost Trump nary substance what, and portion of that is denying, again, what you’re showing connected the surface close here of what happened connected January 6th

Kevin McCarthy is trying to whitewash this, trying to bury it, trying to get radical to forget what happened connected January 6th and to prevarication astir it. And evidently a prime committee led by Bennie Thompson, who volition do an outstanding job, will impede that quality to hide this reality, to fell the try extremism of trump. So, no, I’m not encouraged by it. 

McCarthy is trying to beryllium arsenic creative arsenic helium tin successful helping support the Trump cult successful their attempt astatine a fascist takeover of this country. And determination is thing encouraging about immoderate of that. We request to amusement radical what happened connected January 6th truthful we don’t get lulled into a sense that it isn’t happening erstwhile it is. 

It doesn’t get much nonstop than what Rep. Smith said. Kevin McCarthy is an force of ideology who is lone reasoning astir his ain powerfulness and becoming Speaker of the House.

McCarthy is besides an force of democracy, and if Republicans are ever returned to powerfulness they volition enactment to reconstruct US ideology from within.

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