UFC boss' pointed message for Jake Paul

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UFC president Dana White has rejected speech of BMF belt-holder Jorge Masvidal of switching to the boxing ringing to combat Jake Paul, aft the YouTube performer and Masvidal expressed involvement successful duking it retired successful the squared circle.

White and Paul have engaged successful a warfare of words for immoderate time, with the UFC brag mocking Paul's prime of opposition, portion the YouTube prima has lobbied to combat immoderate of the promotion's fighters and has already beaten erstwhile UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Masvidal and Paul person engaged successful immoderate back-and-forth since the Miami autochthonal tipped Woodley to decision Paul. Both men person said they'd beryllium consenting to participate the ring. But White thinks Paul should attack the likes of erstwhile UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who's competed astatine airy heavyweight successful boxing, alternatively of focusing connected smaller fighters.

Jake Paul poses during the measurement successful lawsuit astatine the State Theater anterior to his August 29 combat against Tyron Woodley connected August 28, 2021 successful Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) (Getty)

"You're not gonna combat 170-pound Jorge Masvidal who's ranked apical 10 successful the world. No. He fights here, he's nether declaration with us. Go combat idiosyncratic your ain size.

"Anderson Silva is not successful contract, he's 46 years old, that's the property radical you emotion to fight, and he's your size, and he's really winning fights. If you look astatine Jake Paul's history, Jake Paul either fights hoops players who person ne'er fought, oregon helium wants to combat washed-up older guys who haven't fought successful years," helium told News Corp.

"Anderson Silva has really been boxing, he's won immoderate fights, he's 46 years old, and he's successful your value class. There you go, that's a nary brainer, combat Anderson Silva."

White utilized the accidental to propulsion Silva for a combat with Paul, saying the YouTuber had occupation beating Woodley.

Dana White continued his moving feud with Paul. (AP)

"He hardly won that one. Now you privation to combat a feline who's ranked successful the apical 10, that weighs 170 pounds, is inactive applicable successful the warring satellite erstwhile you person Anderson who's not nether declaration with anybody and has conscionable won 2 boxing matches. There you go. You're welcome. I conscionable made your adjacent boxing lucifer for you, but I stake you don't spot that 1 happening. Wanna bet?"

Paul responded to White's comments, continuing the feud.

"Dana admitted this greeting that I would destruct "170" lb Masvidal," helium tweeted, on with a screenshot of a caller header successful which Derek Brunson said he'd instrumentality a "tune-up" combat with Paul. "So Dana volition you springiness Brunson support to marque immoderate existent money? Dana?"

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