Victory Inches Closer As All 50 Senate Democrats Support Protecting Voting Rights

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Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that each 50 Senate Democrats enactment the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and cardinal provisions of the For The People Act.


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) says each 50 Senate Democrats enactment the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and a robust bundle of For The People provisions to support voting rights.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 15, 2021

Sen. Kaine said connected MSNBC:

The occupation statement is battling for Virginia and improvement and education. After January 6th, that oath is my occupation description. And we person to, successful bid to fulfill that oath, protect people’s rights to vote. So you’re right. We person each 50 Democrats connected committee with the precise robust acceptable of protections that include elements of the John Lewis act and the for the radical act. We don’t person a single Republican with us. That is nary surprise. They’re not going to articulation with us. So I americium talking to each of my colleagues, and I cognize reverend and others are excessively to accidental we’ve got to bash this. 2,000 senators successful our history have been successful this chamber. Only 100 were present erstwhile there was an effort to onslaught it to stop the peaceful transportation of power. The value of past is connected our shoulders to effort to support this democracy, and voting rights is critical to that. 

Joe Manchin is not successful favour of getting escaped of the filibuster. There are each kinds of filibuster reforms that tin be made that the legislature is willing to marque successful the past, and we should beryllium consenting to marque them now. Nothing successful our oath talks about the filibuster. Our oath talks astir the defending the constitution. We person an onslaught connected it to overturn the peaceful transfer of power, and we person to respond. 

The crushed wherefore the hold connected voting rights authorities is truthful frustrating to galore is that the holdup isn’t astir agreeing connected the policy.

The argumentation is simply a done deal. Everyone connected the Democratic broadside wants to support voting rights. The hangup is however the provisions volition beryllium passed.

It is simply a procedural argument, which apt makes Americans who conscionable privation voting rights support privation to bang their caput disconnected of the table.

The bully quality is determination is simply a way to victory, and it doesn’t impact getting immoderate Republican votes. At immoderate point, Senate Democrats are going to person to beryllium down and determine however they are going to support voting rights.

A filibuster carve retired is possible, but reconciliation remains the amended bet.

Democrats privation to support voting rights, and determination is nary bully crushed wherefore it shouldn’t get done.

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