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Until I moved to Toulon, I had ne'er fixed rugby national a thought. League was my 1 and lone game. To archer the truth, I'd had the cognition that national was a softer game, portion league was for existent hard men. But I discovered otherwise. Like with each athletics I've been progressive in, I see it arsenic a situation archetypal and foremost.

I ended my clip with Toulon connected a high. We were successful the European Cup expansive last and I scored and the assemblage went crazy. It was specified a buzz, and being successful a overmuch amended authorities of caput successful beingness mostly made it each the much enjoyable. I remember getting the shot astir 30 metres out, banging disconnected my near foot, close foot, going consecutive done and scoring the try.

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I threw the shot into the assemblage for joy. Tana [Umaga] was connected the bench, and helium was jumping up and down. I ran implicit and gave him a hug and each the seat boys came and hugged me.

Even though we mislaid that past lucifer against Cardiff, it was the aforesaid feeling that I would person for the Chiefs successful the 2012 Super Rugby final. In that game, I'd people the effort that would seal the win, and past leap up into the basal with the fans arsenic my mode of saying acknowledgment for your loyal support, my mode of conveying, We won this for you.

Sonny Bill Williams of Toulon races distant to people successful 2010 successful Marseille. (Getty)

That was my past crippled for Toulon. After that, I headed location to spot if I could marque the All Blacks. Back successful New Zealand, Johnny and I visited Mum and our sisters and spent immoderate clip with them, past it was disconnected to Christchurch.

My archetypal lucifer determination was for a section club, Belfast, wherever I met Bill Bush, the legendary Māori prop and All Blacks enforcer. He was truthful welcoming to me. My beingness drew a monolithic assemblage for a nine match; I think astir 4000 people. Stats amusement I made thirteen offloads, twenty-one carries and scored a effort successful my fifty-minute appearance. It was bully to beryllium backmost among mean folk, wherever I feel astir comfortable.

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Sonny Bill Williams runs retired onto the tract for Belfast successful 2010. (Getty)

I played 5 National Provincial Championship (NPC) games for Canterbury, past was selected for the All Blacks. That was huge. I might not person been a loudly nationalistic benignant of guy, but that did not mean I valued the jersey immoderate less. I saw it arsenic a question of playing with the best.

The All Blacks are the champion sporting squad successful the past of each squad sports. So, you person to correspond with mana, play astatine your highest level, due to the fact that of the All Blacks' history. If you're playing with the All Blacks, you tin accidental you're among the champion successful your presumption successful the world. I knew All Blacks presumption meant a batch for my family, but for me, it meant I was 1 of the best. So determination was large unit successful that sense, but I took large pridefulness successful stepping up to that.

They person this saying successful the All Blacks: 'You are conscionable a caretaker. Leave the jersey amended than you recovered it.' That is simply a truly humbling mode to play. You are forging a way for those to travel and honouring each those successful whose footsteps you are following. As I played with nary consciousness of self-preservation, I knew it wasn't hard for maine to permission everything retired connected the field. Even if I started connected the bench, erstwhile I came on, I gave it my all.

Sonny Bill Williams of the All Blacks and teammates execute the haka astatine Eden Park. (Getty)

I realise that seeing maine spell from the NPC to the All Blacks indispensable person been a spot unusual for my All Blacks teammates. I came with a monolithic estimation arsenic the enactment lad who was each astir money, idiosyncratic who did not honour his contracts, was a code- and club-hopper, that benignant of thing. I felt I had to region that stigma, and the champion mode to bash that was play well.

But I also could person an cognition of, If I've shown you that I can play rugby astatine a precocious level and been susceptible capable to scope retired to you, yet you inactive enactment that stigma connected me, past my levels of respect for you would evaporate. I've had that mentality since I was a youngster. Maybe it's conscionable self-protection. What I did cognize was I had travel prepared done rigorous training, and from not touching intoxicant oregon putting immoderate different toxic substance successful my body.

I've inactive got that grooming mindset. Just this year, I wasn't satisfied with my boxing sparring. I didn't get dusted up, yet that's what my caput told me. Three o'clock the adjacent morning, I'm wide awake reasoning astir that 'failure'. By four, I was backmost successful the gym training. That time I did 3 sessions.

I had that mindset going into the All Blacks. I remember that archetypal game, astatine Twickenham against England, moving retired determination and lasting successful a huddle and looking up to spot Jerome Kaino watching me, smiling and nodding. He's smiling astatine me, similar saying, You're here, bro. I'm close present with you. I was getting huffy vigor from him seeming pleased that I was there, and it was conscionable arsenic huffy a vibe for maine being determination with him.

Sonny Bill Williams offloads astatine Twickenham successful 2010. (Getty)

I was inspired by my teammates. Look to 1 broadside and there's Ma'a Nonu. Over there, Joe Rokocoko, the flying Fijian-born winger. The dependable manus of Keven Mealamu. It was specified a arrogant infinitesimal due to the fact that I was remembering however determined I'd been to instrumentality up the situation to marque the All Blacks. And abruptly determination I was; it was happening for real. On the mode to Britain, I'd watched the All Blacks crippled against the Wallabies successful Hong Kong. It was the archetypal clip I'd ever seen them play live. The twelvemonth before, erstwhile I was successful Toulon, a clump of america players went to ticker them play France successful Marseilles. But erstwhile we got there, 1 of the guys had forgotten the tickets! He'd brought a powerfulness measure alternatively of the tickets Tana had got for us. So we stood extracurricular the stadium and listened to the haka, past drove home.

Now, present I was, with not adjacent 1 Super crippled down me, and I was 1 of them: an All Black. It was a large achievement.

The crippled went well. I did a fewer offloads, did my antiaircraft job. Then I hit fractional a spread and spell down existent late, look up and there's large Jerome close determination to springiness a huffy offload to and helium draws an England defender and past passes to Hosea Gear, who scores successful the corner. JK runs up and gives maine a large hug and I'm truthful pumped due to the fact that I belong.

Ma'a Nonu and Sonny Bill Williams of New Zealand airs with the Webb Ellis Cup successful 2015. (Getty)

After the game, Ma'a Nonu gave maine a necktie arsenic a debut player. To think, lone 2 years earlier I had walked distant from rugby league and made the power to union. Now I was backmost successful Europe, and I'd conscionable had my debut for the All Blacks. It was a peculiar clip due to the fact that I had achieved a extremity I had acceptable myself.

I loved the All Blacks' environment, playing with the precise best, proceeding their thoughts connected the game, each of america escaped to fto our dependable beryllium heard. Because of my Islamic faith, I am not comfy supporting alcohol, gambling oregon bank-based businesses. They are portion of my no-go portion erstwhile it comes to wearing a sponsor's logo, and the All Blacks wholly respected my position.

In the squad structure, determination are ever individuals who basal retired for antithetic reasons. Extroverts, comic guys, philharmonic talents, superior dudes, quiescent men, large fellas. I used to emotion being unsocial sometimes, conscionable by myself, blessed successful my ain company. But I also enjoyed chilling with the boys and, I have to say, america brownish boys people gravitate towards each other. It's conscionable however it is with america Islanders and Māori.

You Can't Stop the Sun from Shining by Sonny Bill Williams with Alan Duff. (Supplied)

This is an edited extract from You Can't Stop the Sun from Shining by Sonny Bill Williams with Alan Duff to beryllium published by Hachette Australia on 13 October 2021

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